Thursday, August 14, 2008


This has to be--truly--some of the most incredible footage I have ever seen! It even puts television nature programs to shame.

Take eight minutes or so and give it a look! You won't be sorry!

Hat tip to the Hedgehog for this one.

(Aside: Incidentally, this attack apparently took place at Kruger Park, which I had the pleasure of visiting several years ago. Absolutely beautiful place and spectacular wildlife (although I did not see anything as amazing as this, to be sure). I would strongly recommend the trip for anyone.)

There's a message here for us and our youth, I believe. Several of them even. There are a lot of lions out there, and a few crocodiles. Our youth need to be protected from both, but if they're taken by one, we cannot--must not--give up hope. Sometimes we can save them ourselves. Other times, it takes the whole family. Occasionally we need to get our ecclesiastical leaders involved, who may stop by with seemingly one-half the Ward to help out. But rescue is possible.

Even more important is that our children see this video. They need to understand that rescue is possible. Even when they're pulled at in two directions by lions and crocodiles, rescue is still possible. They just need to keep fighting, keep breathing, and keep hope and faith alive.

The Horde is going to see this just as soon as I get home from the office.

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