Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make Your Own Album Cover

The LW and I have started up our own bands! In fact, we've already got our first albums planned out!

Well, really, I got tagged earlier this week with a fun little random game: Make Your Own Album Cover. I spent an hour or so playing around with this little game and was pleasantly entertained by the results.

O.K. Who am I kidding? I was actually giggling at some of the results. My LW even got into the act. I've posted the best couple album covers below, as well as the instructions so that you can play along.

1. Group name: Go to Wikipedia and click on the random article button (or click here instead). The name of the article, whatever it may be, is the name of your musical group.
2. Album name: Go to and click on "Random Quotes" (or click here instead). Scroll down to the last quotation on the page. The last four or five words of the quotation forms your album name (alright, I did play loose with this one and take the last two words once).
3. Album artwork: Go to Flickr and click on the "last seven days" link (or click here instead). The third picture on the page -- regardless of what it is -- is your album artwork.

Now that you have your three main pieces, put it all together with some form of graphic editing program. I went cheap-o and used Corel Photo House.

These first two are mine. The third is my LW's.

Yeah, yeah.... I said it was cheap software.... So sue me!

Now get out there and form your own bands!

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Nick Galieti said...

I have a recording studio if you live close by. I could help you out with your album.

Let me know! Reach me through the site if you are interested.