Monday, August 04, 2008


Last week I discussed the National Education Association's annual declaration of deals with the devil positions and resolutions. At the time, I mentioned that the NEA has their own "A-B-C-Ds."

That got me thinking.

I went through their 2008 list of resolutions and have been able to cull out an almost-complete representative list of their ABCs.

Now, I should point out up front that on some of these items, I do not necessarily disagree with the stance in general. Where I have a problem is that none of these things need to be taught to our Elementary age students in school. With me it all comes back to "the 3 Rs." Should not teachers and educators be more focused on teaching the basics rather than pushing "social" agendas? These resolutions become the authorized issues for which NEA members can lobby Congress and state legislatures.

Aside: I had difficulty with a few of these and I'll admit to having to stretch for a couple of these. All in all, though, I'm happy with what's here.

Drop me a post in the Comments if you have any suggested changes. If you want to read the resolutions for yourself, here is the link. Be forewarned: it's a hefty document.

A is for Abortion
B is for Birth control
C is for Care of the mentally ill
D is for Diversity
E is for Equal rights amendment
F is for Firearm control
G is for Global warming
H is for Homosexual agenda
I is for International courts
J is for Judgment over dispensing prescribed medications
K is for Kindergarten, pre-school, and pre-pre-school (mandatory)
L is for Land use and preservation
M is for Medicare
N is for National energy policy
O is for One world government
P is for Progressive socialism
Q is for Qur'an=good; Bible=bad
R is for Reparations for descendants of slavery
S is for State-licensed, state-approved homeschooling
T is for Traffic safety
U is for Unionization
V is for Verifiable freeze of nuclear weapons
W is for Washington, DC statehood
X is for X-rated sex education
Y is for Youth education regarding world hunger
Z is for Zero tolerance for alternative schooling
(One last aside: 'progressive socialism' may be somewhat redundant, but I hope you'll forgive me.)

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