Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where's Roger Patterson when you need him?

A week or so ago, I stumbled across this blog by another bankruptcy attorney. As I was looking through old posts, I found one in which she talks about a sighting of a naked guy in Wyoming . . . in the winter . . . running with deer. She calls him "Runs naked with deer." (You can read the post HERE.)

Funny enough post, but then--reading her description--I had this sudden mental image of the old Patterson-Gimlin Sasquatch sighting/film.

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Alarm clock of DOOM

So the little town in which I live has experienced several power outages over the past few weeks. Having a particularly important court appearance this morning, I went out last night and purchased myself a nice, old-fashioned wind-up alarm clock. Y'know, just in case the power went out, I'd still have a working alarm clock to wake me up. Yes, one of those with the big bells on the top. Now, I had one of these as a kid, but it was old and the bells just kind of "dinged" in a muffled way. It was enough to notice that you needed to wake up, but not loud enough to wake the dead. So, I have to admit I truly had no idea what was in store for me. When 6:00 rolled around this morning . . . well, let's just say that there are finger marks--not just fingernail marks--in the plaster over the bed. It's pitch-dark around here at that time; I was nice and warm, snuggled up under all the blankets my LW threw on the bed. And suddenly a doorway to Hell opened up on my nightstand. And I couldn't find the little lever to silence the demon's caterwauling. I'm still shaking, over three hours later.

Stop laughing, you.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Mitt & Huck

I had wanted to steer clear of this topic, but I feel I have to jump in here. One quick comment to lance the boil and I'll be done with it.

What is all this furor over members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a. "Mormons") not being Christians?

The name pretty much says it all: "Church of Jesus Christ." This is not "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster." It is the Church of JESUS CHRIST.

But then you have the inevitable retort: "But they don't believe in the Christ of the Bible, or the same Christ I believe in."

Well...let's look at that, shall we: (Of course, this post may qualify me as a theo-nerd* or at least a junior theo-nerd. But there you have it. I'll just have to take that risk!)

  1. Christ was born in Bethlehem. The whole story about the star, the manger & the inn, the wise men. Herod's extermination order. Fleeing into Egypt. We all together so far?
  2. Mother was Mary? Step-father was Joseph, a carpenter?
  3. Son of God?
  4. John 3:16?
  5. Performed miracles--water into wine? raised Lazarus from the dead?
  6. Taught in parables--the two debtors? good Samaritan? prodigal son? unjust steward? the ten virgins? Still with me?
  7. Sermon on the Mount? the whole fish and loaves thing?
  8. Walked on water and calmed the tempest?
  9. Taught that He had other sheep, "which are not of this fold" that must also hear his voice?
  10. Betrayed by a disciple and rejected by His people?
  11. Crucified?
  12. Rose again on the third day?
  13. Took upon Himself the sins of the world?

So... we're all agreed on these points. But somehow it's not the same Jesus Christ? My Savior is different than your Savior? I see. So, there were TWO individuals in history that, just coincidentally, all did these same things. Now I understand.'s simplistic.

But exactly where do I go wrong? He's either the same or there were more than one.


Now: can we please get back to figuring out how to turn the runaway train that is this country away from the cliff?

*P.S. Thanks to the guys at Article VI for such a wonderful word as "theo-nerd." It may have originated elsewhere, but that's where I first heard it. I'd recommend going there and reading their stuff when you can; they're much more eloquent than I (like HERE. Just come back when you're done, O.K.?

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Been awhile, revisited

It's been nearly nine months since my last post. I could have had a baby in that time.

It's amazing how many other things one can find to fill one's time other than to blog.

Maybe that's a good thing.

Read plenty of books in that time.
Did lots of writing.
Had lots of family time with Loving Wife ("LW") and the Horde.

Apparently didn't get much traffic here, though. How depressing to realize no one missed me in my virtual absence. It's almost enough to go George Bailey on you all.

But I'll give you another chance.

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