Thursday, August 07, 2008

Daddy Magic

My LW accuses me of having what she calls "Daddy Magic." (and yes, you CAN hear the initial capitals when she says it.)

Ever since our eldest was born, I have been able to soothe each of the Horde to sleep when all else fails. All it takes is a little time held in Daddy's arms and *ZONK*--out they go. It doesn't seem to matter what flavor of chaos is raging around us or how worked up the Hordeling is...Just a little taste of Daddy Magic and it's off to sleepy land.

Last night I attained an entirely new level of Paternal Wizardry.

Please, do not get me wrong. I do not want my blog to degenerate into a "what cute things my Hordelings did today"-type blog. THIS one was so funny, however, it has to be shared.

My LW had been struggling all night with our youngest Hordeling, trying to get her to sleep. We're talking one o'clock in the morning by this time. Every time my LW tries to take the little one to bed, the Hordeling's eyes pop open and she wants to get up and play.

We had reached the point in the process (this Hordeling does not go to sleep easily or early) when I reached my fatigue point, so I stood to leave the living room. Yes, that simple motion caused the Hordeling's eyes to pop open. My LW looked up at me with despair in her eyes, but said, "Go ahead and go to bed. You need to go to work tomorrow." I leaned over to give her a kiss and the Hordeling grinned up at me from her mother's arms.

So I bent over and kissed her gently on the forehead once.

When I stood up, she had closed her eyes and her breathing slowed...but as I moved, she stirred and woke.

Well, my LW thought it was funny enough that I leaned over and kissed the Hordeling again. Once. Twice. And a Third time, just for good measure. In a straight line across her forehead.

She was asleep.

Just like that.

She slept all through the night, too--something that is extraordinarily unusual for her.

Heh. Sometimes my powers amaze even me. It is a good thing I have decided to use my powers (should that be Powers?) for Good and not for Evil!

(Aside: I was tempted to title this post "Magic Lips" but upon second thought it scared me to consider the kinds of searches on which this title would get hits. Something tells me it would not be pretty.)


Mrs. Thoughtskoto said...

Lol, we are in the same situation. Our 15 weeks old baby goes to sleep late, everyday. Sometimes 12:00 midnight- and if she does we're lucky, sometimes 4:00am- and we're doomed. She just wants to play, but in case she's fussy or crying all she needs is to be in her dad's arms and off she'll go sleeping soundly till 12:00 noon. Its only her father that can bring her to sleep like that!

Kenji said...

we feel exactly the same, with our 4 month old daughter. Great magic. hehe