Thursday, May 15, 2008



I've been searching now for three days for my blog-notes from my vacation. I know I had them on Sunday, because I debated adding another entry on Sunday, then thought better of it.

"I need something to write about next week, after all," I told myself.

Yeah. Ummm....

Haven't seen my notes since. Now, I vaguely remember what my topics involved, but I had some specific language and images I wanted to portray. They were all neatly written in my notes.

I've looked everywhere. I haven't interrogated the Horde, yet.

That happens tonight.

I'm going to use the bright lights, hard chair, even dripping water if I have to.

I must find those notes and I. Will. Have. Them.

More information as it becomes available. I'll now return you to your regularly-scheduled 'net surfing.

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