Sunday, May 18, 2008

Constructive Thoughts: Family

We believe that families are forever, that if we live worthy lives we can spend all of eternity with our family members.

That's some promise.

I know people that shrink in fear and disgust at that thought: "I have to spend all of what with whom?" or "You mean I'll never get away from him/her/them?"

Not me.

I had an opportunity at the first of May to take the LW and the Horde to a Renaissance Fair. (For the uninitiated, I'll discuss the renaissance fair--or "RenFaire"--at a later date.)

Unfortunately, I have--as yet--been unable to convince the LW to allow the purchase of medieval garb and various accouterments for use at Hallowe'en, RenFaires, or times when I just feel like "going native."

I mean, think of how relaxing it must be to strap on a sword or a battle axe and sprawl out on a lawn chair in the front yard, swilling root beer from a tankard and yelling Shakespearean insults at passers-by?

But I digress....

It was an afternoon and evening spent without television, without the computer, without [GASP!] the internet, without electronic stimuli/distraction of any kind. It was an afternoon and evening spent just with each other and a few costumed strangers.

We stood and watched as two grown men played a game similar to "Jenga" or "Stack 'em" but with sections of two-by-fours stacked nearly four feet high on a tree stump. We stood there for nearly an hour watching these two play as other fair-goers shouted encouragement, disbelief, and well-intentioned jibes and insults.

We were amused by a magician using nothing but simple sleight-of-hand.

We stood and stared at a row of colorful tents, filled with displays of magnificent handicrafts and miscellaneous goods, with beautiful mist-covered, snow-capped mountains behind, off in the distance.

All in all, we spent time with each other: talking, laughing, and loving one another.

THIS is forever, folks.

Not television shows, not computer games, not even blogs.

In the eternities, who is going to remember who won "American Idol" this year?
In the eternities, who is going to remember "Grand Theft Auto" or "Halo"?
In the eternities, who is going to remember this blog, or the Drudge Report, or anything else on the World Wide Web?

Heck, who's going to remember any of these things a century or two from now?

But our families? Imagine being able to spend the next forever with your loved ones, experiencing the joys and the wonders from the best times here on earth? Only the good times and having them forevermore?

All of this is promised to us, if we can just manage to do a few little things.

Following the Ten Commandments, for example. That's a good start.
Praying. Reading the Scriptures. Little things that make a difference.
Listening to (as well as following) the Prophet.

I can't wait.

Together, we've done some amazing things and seen some magnificent sights. We've watched ocean waves crash on the beach and watched golden eagles circle overhead on mountain tops. We've crawled through caves to see incredible natural sculptures, formed with mineral-filled water, drop by drop.

Imagine what we could see together in the eternities? Where we could go? What we could experience? What we could see?

Galaxies spinning perhaps? Planets forming? Comets careening through space? Maybe watching canyons form and mighty sequoias grow from tiny seeds? Now those are road trips!

Most of all, imagine seeing these things with your loved ones?

Isn't the potential worth doing a few simple things (or NOT doing some things) while we are here on earth? We have such a short time to prove ourselves worthy of this magnificent promise.

The children, me, and thee, my dear LW.



'tis a consummation / Devoutly to be wish'd.

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