Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How to End a Career

I often ponder the prospect of someday quitting the practice of law. Any more, it's not a career path I wish to be on in twenty years.

Heck...I don't "wish" to be on the path tomorrow.
But I digress.

When I consider quitting the practice, of course the first thought is always: How do you expect to support your family? Nice trap you've fallen into, Iggy.

Yes. Sometimes when I'm alone I call myself Iggy.
But again: digression.

When I consider quitting the practice, the SECOND thought is often: What spectacular thing can I do on my last day in the practice that will leave my mark in the minds and hearts of my colleagues and live in court-lore forever?

Over the past fourteen years or so, many MANY ideas have crossed my mind...most of them drop-dead hilarious and many of them questionably legal/ethical. (Hence why they would be done on my LAST day of practice. See?) But no matter how good they have been,
this story today (courtesy of just gave me what may be the #1 on my list...

An Air Canada flight en route from Toronto to London had to make an emergency landing after its co-pilot apparently suffered a nervous breakdown, according to the Daily Mail.

The Boeing 767 was flying at 37,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean when the unidentified co-pilot began shouting and "invoking God" and had to be restrained, the Daily Mail reported.

Crew members and a passenger, who happened to be in the armed forces, held down the man, shackling his wrists and ankles and tying him to a seat.

The flight made an emergency landing in Shannon, Ireland, and the co-pilot was taken off the plane crying and yelling, according to the Daily Mail.

He was being treated at a psychiatric ward for what was believed to be a nervous breakdown.

I must confess, though. As I write this, I'm thinking of some REALLY good "departure" ideas that are coming back to my mind; ones I just cannot bring myself to share (again, legality and ethics).

This one is definitely in the top five, however.

Just imagine... standing and saying, "Excuse me, Your Honor" and then dissolving into a screaming tirade, waving your arms and invoking God...causing the Federal Court security officers to rush and restrain you? Priceless....


Maybe top three.

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