Sunday, June 08, 2008


I was all prepared to have my Sunday blog entry uploaded tonight. However, as I began to write it, I noticed that several of my recent posts were missing and some had some odd links.

In short, I have had to recreate and rebuild the entries since the 20th of May.

I hope I found them all. I feel bad, however. In making the fixes, I lost the one comment I have received since starting the blog. A reader named "Nitesh" was kind enough to leave positive feedback about my "National Humility" blog. I cannot even tell you from whence Nitesh was reading; I had two visitors at the same time from two different places. At any rate, thanks for the kind words, Nitesh--I hope you come back soon, as you promised!

So... While you're awaiting the newest Constructive Thoughts, please feel free to browse down through the next few entries: there may be something there you have not seen before.

Sorry for the inconvenience. And sorry for the oddities. I am still not sure what caused it.

Let me know if you see anything else odd.

Besides my opinions, my personality, and my writing, that is!

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